Aidan Killian

Aidan Killian is a passionate, daring, political comedian who was described as "Masterclass" by Bunbury Magazine in his latest 5-Star review. He tackles subjects that many dare not mention such as banking corruption, religion, whistleblowers and conspiracy theories but with enough charm and humour to get away with it.

He is currently on a comedy world tour where he has blessed the stage at Glasotobunry Festival, Melbourne Comedy Festival, Bali Spirit Festival and in over 20 other cities. He has got 4 and 5-Star reviews all over the the world and you can expect, in the words of UK reviewers, Chortle, ÒhystericalÉ passionate, driven intelligence."

The Money Shot is his fifth solo show that is a thought provoking, witty and inspiring show that explores the history of money and how it impacts society. ÒPlease see this showÓ - The Scotsman

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