Ciaran Franco

A young comedian based out of Belfast I had my first ever gig in The Pavillion winning their newcomer competition at the beginning of October.
I took the stage name Franco after my confirmation name and childhood nickname.

Since then I've done 5 other gigs including 'Kill your Darlings' in the Black Box. At the minute I'm trying to find my voice and improve my delivery by slowing my pace. I've found Stand-up to be the itch I can't quite scratch, a pure addiction that lets me feel alive each time I've had the opportunity to appear on stage. Each gig is a new lesson in honing the craft and finding my voice.

Every minute of its been a blast getting to meet and take advice from my local comedy heroes. At the moment I mainly use Twitter and Instagram to promote myself but in the new year want to look at Youtube as well to help expand my content.

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