Ciaran McMahon

Ciaran McMahon has been involved in all aspects of comedy for over ten years. From Improv to stand up comedy, club running, creating the Bulmers national annual competition , MCing, organising and hosting large festival shows

He still stuggles to understand his special purpose and is under pressure now that there is a signpost saying 40 whizzing past!

During his corporate comedy workshops last year Ciaran shared the stage with Andrew Maxwell and David McWilliams in the Helix in Dublin, during the biggest comedy workshop ever undertaken in Ireland to 600 Australian accountants! in Croke Park Conference Centre.

Ciar‡n has also been giving comedy workshops to RTE, TV3 and privately, he just got back from Munich where he played to 500 friendly Germans while doing workshops abroad, Throughout this time Ciar‡n has remained extremely modest apart from writing this biog. He hates fish.