Dan Barry

Who the hell is Dan Barry?

A profound question

Born and raised in Bellmore, NY- Dan dreamed of being famous. Instead, he became an independent professional wrestler, and a standup comedian.
The 2nd of 4 boys and the son of a single mom, Dan always wanted attention. If he wasn't acting in high school plays or telling stories that were almost always lies, he was getting into trouble in school, at work and at home.

At 17 he was on a short-lived, virtually unknown TV show called "Studio Y." When that ended, he began his pursuit of his first passion, pro-wrestling. He began training in November of 2000 at the age of 17, and over the years has worked all over the United States and Canada.

As time went on, Dan decided he wanted to pursue another lifelong dream of his - Comedy.

Since he began his comedy career he has worked with many of the nation's top acts, and worked in clubs all over North America.

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