Dylan Moran

“The Oscar Wilde of comedy” is back.

Dylan Moran, deadpan, witty and crackpot lyricism – promises to be an unmissable journey through his interpretations of the world, swerving cliche to offer a cutting blow to our idiosyncrasies.

"High-octane riffs from Irish master of grumpiness…spellbinding" Evening Standard

"Trumping Shakespeare, he reduces life to four ages: “Child, failure, old and dead”. Faced with one-liners as killings as that the world suddenly seems a better place" The Telegraph

"His comedy takes on an existential dimension, as tubby, nicotine-starved, emasculated Moran comes to represent the struggles we all wage for meaning and connection" The Guardian

"He’s punch-drunk, pissed off and sick of it all, but determined to at least wiring as much black humour out of proceedings" The Independent


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