Emer Murphy

Emer Murphy was born several years ago and is still alive. Emer got into comedy when she grew tired of normal conversations where she had to let someone else have a turn to talk. Emer is certifiably a comedian thanks to the Gaiety School of Acting and should you require proof, said certificate has been proudly framed by Mrs Murphy (mother) who takes her wins where she can.

Since achieving this certificate, Emer has gone on to gig on the Dublin Comedy Circuit in various gatherings, circumstances and locations. Emer has also competed in “So You Think You’re Funny” and featured in the Irish Final of the Funny Women contest.

In addition to comedy, Emer’s enjoys lying about her age and when other people cancel plans she wishes she hadn’t made. Emer lives in Dublin most of the time but recently spent time in Paris in an attempt to learn French. She is now an excellent mime artist.