Gareth Lyons

Gar is the only member of a neighbourhood watch for the inane, policing moments from his life to corral them into an unstable sense. Watch him try to connect the dots and discover what it's really all about. Or maybe watch him discover the dots are really like one of those magic eye things and then watch him pull it away and cross his eyes to see a rabbit.

A regular performer around the country, Gar also MC's at The Black Hole in the Wall where so far no one has caved his head in out of sheer frustration, proving him a true master of comedic craft.

"Didn't know what the fuck he was shitting on about." Man at urinal, 2015
"Something about a tooth? I don't..." Other man at urinal, 2015
"Well they didn't say it was bad." Gar's Dad, 2015
"Just put your pin in there." - Woman in LIDL, 2015