Jake Bourke

Jake Bourke is a stand up comedian, writer and producer from Limerick, Ireland. Based in Edinburgh Jake is a regular at comedy clubs across the UK and Ireland. Jake was the Co-Producer and Co-Host of Seven2Ten, the Irish Comedy Podcast for over fifty episodes. He has been featured on Limerick Today with Joe Nash talking about 'Making it in Comedy'. Jake was the 10 Days in Dublin Festival Comedy Coordinator in 2013. He was a regular contributor to HeadStuff, Writing.ie and is a Story Producer for Mortified. He is currently working on his first novel.


Anti-Clever at The Edinburgh Free Fringe 2013
Anti-Clever at The Brighton Fringe 2014
Failure at the Brighton Fringe 2015
Failure at the Galway Fringe 2015
Failure at the Edinburgh Fringe 2015
The Enemy Is Everywhere at the Glasgow Fringe 2016

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'Comic musings on a variety of topics such as relationship trouble and defenestration...are delievered in that waggish, self-deprecating style.'-Three Weeks

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