Michael Downey

Michael Downey began performing stand up in January 2000. By August 2001 he had reached the finals of both the BBC New Comedy Awards and the Channel 4 So you think you are funny competitions. He wasn’t placed in the BBC final but was awarded joint third place in the Channel 4 competition, ironically, with the winner of the BBC competition.
Michael was gigging regularly in Dublin, Galway, Cork, Belfast, Manchester, London & Edinburgh when in April 2002 things got a little bumpy. Whereas most of Michael’s peers had chosen the appearance on television route to increase their profiles Michael chose the slightly less travelled, and as it turns out, slightly less successful major car accident route to increase his profile.
He sustained numerous injuries from the crash including a head injury. The next seven to eight years were taken up totally with rehabilitation. He did say something comedic in July 2005 but his head injury affects his memory and that piece of comedy gold may be lost forever.

He very tentatively started back performing in August 2010 and is now a regular in the comedy cellar, the international comedy club, the laughter lounge & the ha’penny inn. He has performed in Jongleurs in London, The Stand in both Edinburgh and Glasgow and Tommy Tiernan in Vicar St.. He has also performed at the Comedy Store in London.