Richy Sheehy

Richy Sheehy is a cool person and if you're at least mildly attractive he would consider you as a potential object of lust. His unique blend of outrageous songs and stand-up comedy have garnered him a record breaking 12 ÔRichy' Awards and 13 days in a minimum security prison. Born in County Cork, the greatest place in Ireland and the world, Richy moved to Amsterdam as he had never lived in a 3 syllable city apart from Vancouver and likes to smoke weed without any unpermitted interference with his bodily cavities. He likes to spend his time split between his two favourite activities of enacting vengeance and writing about himself.

He performs regularly in the Netherlands as well as irregularly in UK and Ireland, including performing in the Stands 'Best Of Irish' show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, he has previously supported ÔMr. Nice' Howard Marks on his Irish tour and supported half of Cork's drugee population which earned him a Silver Medal for ÔKindest Dealer' at the 2012 E-Olympics.

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