Saoirse Siné

Saoirse Siné is a Dublin based Comedian and Theatre Artist and was on one of the Original MOB Theatre Dublin Harold teams. Although relatively new to Stand-up, elements are included in many of her work, relying on the absurdity of every day life. During the thing we shall not speak of, she performed stand up with Comedy Gold in The Peoples Park (where she sang a uke song about kissing) as well as a tight five for a cat lover club.

She has plethora of experience, including a BA in Drama (With a stint of Comedy Studies in Chicago with Second City), an MA in Theatre Practice. She has also trained under SITI company in New York specializing in the actor’s Viewpoints and the Suzuki Training Method for actor as well as the New York Neo-Futurists and other fancy training. She wants her audience to be cared for, but also have a good time. She has acted in multiple projects as well as been the creative lead on various projects. Saoirse also hosts her podcast “Absurd Real History” and suffers from extreme anxiety which fuels her work. She also has a rat puppet.

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