Sarah Devereux

Sarah Devereux is terrified of performing at comedy events because she has a continuous identity crisis of whether she allows herself to be called a comedian or not. Even though in 5th year of school the career guidance councillor kept giving her CDs of comedians instead of helping her to apply to college courses.

Sarah's humour springboards between tongue in (butt) cheek filth, to the downright woes of existential angst, but with a peppering of cheese for gouda measure. With a bag o' tricks of bonkers characters, most recently "Oh no, Johnny Logan is a seagull again!" Her performances are littered with songs (although she usually forget the words), aggressive audience participation and suddenly talking like a 1920s news reporter. Her hidden talents include regular goat impressions and regular bowel movements.

She is known for being the co-creator of Spicebag; a variety show for extravagant queerdos. And for being an ORTIST and designer under the name TheDirtBird.

Her third ever comedy gig was the Vodafone Comedy Festival TOOT TOOT!