Terry O’Neill

Terry is a Dublin stand up comic and actor. On the big screen (where playing a Dublin scumbag is usually his specialised forte) he has played roles in the IFTA winning Michael Inside and Dublin Old school (cinema release June) and is the leading role in Alan Gilsenan's upcoming film The Meeting (due to hit cinemas this Autumn). On T.V he has starred opposite Amy Huberman in Striking out and has also played roles in other RTE dramas Rebellion and Love/Hate. Terry has also been ripping it up on the Irish comedy circuit over the last couple of years with his blend of structured material interweaved with fast-paced improvisation and is a regular host at the International comedy club. Terry has recently returned from Leudwarden Holland (with subtitles in the background so they could understand his ramblings) filling P.J Gallagher's previous role in the award-winning play Alien Documentary.

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