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Sun Dec 8th, 2019

Hoop & Toy, London, England

Judges Vote Winner: Eryn Tet, Ali Woods

Audience Vote Winner: Jasmin Gleeson, Davina Bentley, Vittorio Angelone

Line Up

Mamoun Elagab
Loz Vieux
Nicole Harris
Kieron Liley
Sharlin Jahan

Headlined by Conor Drum

Mamoun Elagab Loz Vieux Davina Bentley Nicole Harris Kieron Liley Sharlin Jahan Danny Walsh Vittorio Angelone Jasmin Gleeson Ali Woods Eryn Tett

and Hosted by Duane Doogan

“Cherry Comedy is a great comedy night. Loved by new and experienced comics alike. The best audience ever… It's my favourite regular comedy night to gig at.”
Alison Spittle

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