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10 Questions with Alison Spittle

Get to know Alison Spittle a little better ahead of her return to Whelan's this Monday!

Star and creator of RTÉ’s Nowhere Fast, Alison Spittle remains one of Ireland’s favourite comedians and certainly a crowd favourite at Cherry. These days she spends her time performing in the UK and co-hosting the BBC Sounds hit podcasts ‘Wheel of Misfortune’ with fellow comic, Fern Brady. We can’t wait to welcome Alison back to Whelan’s for the first time this year. Tickets are on sale at this link. Take a look at her ’10 questions’ below.

1. One liner?

"My star signs pyrex, I was a test tube baby." - Billy Connolly

2. Guilty Pleasure?

Watching chipper fights on YouTube.

3. A comedian you enjoy watching?

James Moran. (@jmichaelmoran)

4. Tell us something about your hometown?

Paolo Nutini once had a pint there or someone claiming to be him.

5. Who would play you in a film?

Someone with a bad acting agent.

6. Favourite biscuit?

A Chocolate Oatie, if feeling posh, it's beaded equivalent, a Chocolate Hob Knob.

7. Karaoke song?

Baby Cakes by Three of a Kind or Chop Suey by System of a Down.

8. Spirit animal?

My patronus is a Tapeworm.

9. Hangover cure?

Rock Shandy and two days of regret.

10. You have to change your name, what do you change it to?

I would change my name to Jokina McLaugh.