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10 Questions with Alison Spittle

Get to know Alison Spittle a little better ahead of Cherry Comedy's 7th Birthday Special this Monday!

Star and creator of RTÉ’s Nowhere Fast, Alison Spittle remains one of Ireland’s favourite comedians and certainly a crowd favourite at Cherry. These days she spends her time performing in the UK and co-hosting the BBC Sounds hit podcasts ‘Wheel of Misfortune’ with fellow comic, Fern Brady. We can’t wait to welcome Alison back in a few weeks for our 7th Birthday Special. Tickets are sold out but you can avoid missing out on upcoming shows by purchasing tickets at this link. Take a look at her ’10 questions’ below.

1. One liner?

"My star signs pyrex, I was a test tube baby." - Billy Connolly

2. Guilty Pleasure?

Watching chipper fights on YouTube.

3. A comedian you enjoy watching?

James Moran. (@jmichaelmoran)

4. Tell us something about your hometown?

Paolo Nutini once had a pint there or someone claiming to be him.

5. Who would play you in a film?

Someone with a bad acting agent.

6. Favourite biscuit?

A Chocolate Oatie, if feeling posh, it's beaded equivalent, a Chocolate Hob Knob.

7. Karaoke song?

Baby Cakes by Three of a Kind or Chop Suey by System of a Down.

8. Spirit animal?

My patronus is a Tapeworm.

9. Hangover cure?

Rock Shandy and two days of regret.

10. You have to change your name, what do you change it to?

I would change my name to Jokina McLaugh.