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10 Questions with DJ Atkinson

7 years to the day from the first ever Cherry show. We asked DJ Atkinson, co-founder of the club, the questions you need the answers for!

David Atkinson, or DJ in comedy circles forever as a result of a bet, is the man responsible for the birth of Cherry Comedy. He booked the venue for the first show, the ‘acts’, even gave us our original name. Armed with a projector and a case of (complimentary) Red Bull, as the host he was the first ever act on a Cherry stage and was a pillar of the brand in the move to Whelan’s in 2015. He spearheaded the video corner of Cherry in those early days, producing numerous viral videos including our quick spot on RTÉ’s Republic of Telly. This week, under his comedy production company Newscheck, he released the first video in a weekly series that’ll premiere every Tuesday over the next few months. The first of which can be found above. Be sure to subscribe at YouTube, follow on Instagram and Like on Facebook!

To celebrate the 7th anniversary of our first show. We asked DJ our 10 questions. Check out his answers below.

1. One liner?

Teacher: “How many feet in a yard?” Student: “It depends how many people are in the yard at the time” – Brendan Grace

2. Guilty Pleasure?

Gotye - Somebody That You Used to Know.

3. A comedian you enjoy watching?

Michael McIntyre or Tommy Tiernan.

4. Tell us something about your hometown?

Kiltealy, a village in Wexford, is the most road-signed town in Ireland (something like over 20 road signs).

5. Who would play you in a film?

Billy Crystal (sort of ironically).

6. Favourite biscuit?

Caramel Digestive biscuit.

7. Karaoke song?

Scissor Sister’s Take Your Mama.

8. Spirit animal?

Golden Retriever.

9. Hangover cure?

Breakfast Roll and Lucozade Sport (hash brown extra, no eggs though, hate eggs).

10. You have to change your name, what do you change it to?

Crap Bag (if you want a way to remember it, just think of a bag of crap).