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10 Questions with Sharon Mannion

Sharon headlines our first show of the festive period. Before the show check out her answers to the Cherry 10 Questions!

Sharon is an actor, comedian and writer best known for her role as ‘Concepta’ in the RTE 2 hit comedy, ‘Bridget & Eamon’ and for her work on ‘Republic of Telly’, as regular roving news reporter and one half of popular duo ‘The Receptionists’. One of our favourite acts, Sharon featured on our show at the most recent Vodafone Comedy Festival at the Iveagh Gardens and we can’t wait to see her in action this Monday. Remaining tickets available from here.

1. One liner?

What do you call a fly with no wings? A walk.

2. Guilty Pleasure?

Love Is Blind is maybe the best TV show I've ever seen in my life.

3. A comedian you enjoy watching?

Bo Burnham’s Inside was the best thing made during the pandemic.

4. Tell us something about your hometown?

Roscommon features the lowest priced properties on Irish Monopoly.

5. Who would play you in a film?

Amy Poehler or Danny Devito.

6. Favourite biscuit?

Toffypops. Always

7. Karaoke song?

Valerie - Amy Winehouse, before midnight. Listen - Beyonce, after midnight.

8. Spirit animal?

A cat. I admire their devil may care attitude.

9. Hangover cure?

Rasher and egg sandwich and a swim. Preferably with a gap of an hour in between.

10. You have to change your name, what do you change it to?

In secondary school I tried to give myself the nickname 'Ronnie'. I had no idea of the facial hair connotations in certain dialects.